Relevant UK policies on national disaster risk reduction strategies in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

Non-statistical indicator

We have identified the following laws, policies and strategy plans in place that are relevant to this indicator -

Civil Contingencies Act 2004 – A framework for civil protection in the UK.

UK national guidance on risk assessment - How the level of risk posed to the UK is assessed nationally and locally, covering the National Risk Assessment and National Risk Register.

National Risk Register 2020 - This document outlines the key malicious and non-malicious risks that could affect the UK in the next two years, and provides resilience guidance for the public.

Emergency preparation, response and recovery - What the UK government is doing about emergency planning in England and non-devolved areas.

Preparing Scotland - Scottish Guidance on Resilience – The guidance underpins the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (2017) - The Government’s second assessment of the risks and opportunities for the UK of the current and predicted impact of climate change, which follows on from the first report published in 2012.

The Climate Change National Adaptation Programme (2023 to 2028) - What government and others will be doing over the next 5 years to be ready for the challenges of climate change.

Prosperity for All - A Climate Conscious Wales (2019) - Sets the actions that the Welsh government and others will take to adapt to the challenges of climate change in Wales.

Climate Ready Scotland - climate change adaptation programme 2019-2024 - Sets the actions that the Scottish government and others will take to adapt to the challenges of climate change in Scotland.

Northern Ireland Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019-2024 - This is Northern Ireland’s second Climate Change Adaptation Programme (NICCAP) as required by UK Climate Change Act 2008. It contains an assessment of the progress made towards implementing the objectives, proposals and policies set out in the first NICCAP.

Preparing for Emergencies - This guidance helps people, businesses and communities to identify and prepare for the hazards and threats that may disrupt their lives.

The UK’s knowledge platform for disaster risk reduction on PreventionWeb is also relevant to this indicator.

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