Non-statistical indicator

In 2018, the UK was assessed to be in Band 4 - High implementation of instruments for access to resources and markets for small-scale fisheries.

This assessment is based on the UK’s response to questions within the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) survey.

This score is based on an assessment of the “existence of laws, regulations, policies, plans or strategies that target or address small scale fisheries (SSF); initiatives to implement the SSF guidelines; mechanisms through which small scale fishers and fish workers can contribute to decision making processes”.

For more information, see the FAO indicator page.

This table provides metadata for the actual indicator available from UK statistics closest to the corresponding global SDG indicator. Please note that even when the global SDG indicator is fully available from UK statistics, this table should be consulted for information on national methodology and other UK-specific metadata information.

This table provides information on metadata for SDG indicators as defined by the UN Statistical Commission. Complete global metadata is provided by the UN Statistics Division.

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