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Since September 2023 we have paused the uploading of data reported on this site. However, the hyperlinks for the indicator data sources could be used to see where the data is published and whether newer data will become available in future. You can also find up to date SDG data on the UN SDG website which reports globally comparable data.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2020

  • Equality

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Sunday (8th March), we have looked at what the UK SDG data says about the experience of women in the UK today.

The SDGs framework gives a picture of the UK across a broad range of issues in one place. We are looking to collect more data to go beyond the headline measures to show how the issues they cover effect different groups of the population. The Goals aim to “leave no one behind” and the ONS has committed to the Inclusive Data Charter which encourages an aim to break down headline data wherever possible, including by sex.

At ONS we are pulling together data from across Government and the country to do this. Currently, the UK reports data for 77% of the 244 Sustainable Development Goals indicators.

We are working to find the best data and are experimenting to see where new statistics need to be created. More information about this work can be found in a recent blog by the ONS’s Data Science Campus.